This a work in progress list of on and offline resources. If you have a link, book or other tid bit of info that you think would be helpful here please shoot me an email and I'll see about adding it in.


LymeNet Discussion Board
This site has been most helpful for me in researching just about everything Lyme. It's super active and people are very helpful and kind. You can see my profile here if you like.

ProHealth's Lyme Disease Message Board
Another helpful site with helpful, knowledgeable people. I started here, but ended up using the LymeNet board more often as it seems to be more active.


Bryan Rosner's BioMed Publishing
Bryan's a one man Lyme fighting army. On his main site here is a list of all the books his publishing company sells. Check my books list below for more on his materials.


Bryan Rosner's Lyme Book Blog
Another site by Bryan. A timely resource for up to date Lyme research, treatment and political info.

Lyme Chronicles
"Living with chronic lyme disease - experiences, insights, and a touch of whining and ranting."

Lyme Stories
"About recovering from Lyme Disease and coping with chronic illness."

A Lyme Disease Journal
A personal blog about Lyme.

Lyme MD
A great blog run by a LLMD in Maryland. Probably one of the most important and informative sites out there.


Bryan Rosner's You Tube Page
I swear I'm in no way associated with Bryan. He's just got a lot of different online resources. Here's a link to his video blog, some of which is duplicated on his book blog.

Under Our Skin You Tube Page
I've actually not seen the movie, but I have seen the trailer and some of the clips shown here in this page. I've not seen the movie because, frankly, the trailer scared the shit out of me. Through all my dealing with Lyme I've learned that too much info is not always a good thing so I decided not to watch the full length feature. Still, I hear that this is a fantastic documentary that brings to new light the issues around Lyme Disease, its treatment and the politics involved. You can also visit their web site here

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